The kite

As crazy as life's been for the last month, it reminded me of something I wrote several years ago at another stressful time in our life. Here it is... I haven’t flown a kite in years…probably not since I was a little kid of no more than six or seven. My dad would stop on... Continue Reading →

God is God, everyday

As I write this, my dad is in surgery for a heart valve replacement. It's been upcoming for several weeks. It was not an emergency or a surprise, although a month-and-a-half ago the doctor told him it would need corrected within a month. We've all thought and prayed long and hard about it.  I've been... Continue Reading →

A short thought on our country…

America, it's time to come together as "one nation, under God." In my opinion, we have a chance to get our country back to the way it was intended to be. That could never happen with liberal views taking over common sense. Will president Trump "make America great again?" I hope so, but not without... Continue Reading →

What are we teaching them?

It seems that everyday we read of a deeper fall of our society. In spite of some of leaders attempts to bring back traditional American values, there are those who will knock them down every chance they get.   No matter who we elect and no matter what they stand for, we can't depend on... Continue Reading →

Just sleep on it…

“Why do they always act like that?” “What’s their problem?” Maybe it’s not them. Maybe it’s me. Maybe. It’s easy to look down on someone. It’s a lot more difficult to realize we’re really no better. It’s considered normal to look up to someone else. It’s sobering to keep in mind there are those who... Continue Reading →

Time for a change…

I work with a man who almost died a few years ago. His health went down gradually...didnt even really notice it happening.  He wasn't bad guy, but most people saw him that way...and that was okay with him. Some days he was fine, other days it was best to avoid him. He had a few... Continue Reading →

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