A short note to dad (me), the non-athlete…

An athlete, I’m not.
I never claimed to be one, although when I was younger, I gave it a worthy shot trying several different sports. 
By high school, it was obvious it wasn’t meant to be.
A few years later in a church softball league and with one bad step on the side of the first base bag, my knee carved that fact in stone.
But my boys…now they have potential!
My wife and I encourage them -actually we make them – try at least one sport or extracurricular activity each year.
The thing is, I can’t expect a coach to teach them all they need to know. I have to work with them at home, too. Likewise, I cant just drop them off at church to teach them all about God. They have to see me live it at home. 
Our kids learn from us. They’re watching. What do they see?


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