What are we teaching them?

It seems that everyday we read of a deeper fall of our society. In spite of some of leaders attempts to bring back traditional American values, there are those who will knock them down every chance they get.  
No matter who we elect and no matter what they stand for, we can’t depend on big government entities to place morals into the upcoming veneration.  
It’s our job, as parents, to teach our kids. “Train up a child in the way he should go…”. I think we can all agree on that.
I’ve made mistakes time and time again, but my boys are good boys who know what’s right and what’s not. I give my wife credit for that – I’m thankful to have found a great wife – and I take credit. I give credit to my parents and their parents before them, as well.
The rest of the verse I referred to is also true, “…and when he is old he will not depart”, meaning that if we instill good values into our kids as they grow up, even though they may get off track – maybe even way off track, as I have been at times – those values will be remembered and, Lord willing, will be returned to and taught to the next generation. That’s how is supposed to be done -passed from one to the next.
So we do the best we can as much as we can and we trust those who are given charge over our kids to do the same. Sometimes our hands become tied, to a point. Through frustration, anger, and worry we let our faith kick in, believing that “all things work together…”.
Yes I’m opinionated. If you know me, for good or bad, you know that. Yes, I’m vocal, but not as much now as I used to be. I realize now that some things are best not to be argued about.
I’ve described my local county as “one of the last of the hold-outs”, meaning that our leaders and our school system seem to, for the most part, hold on to the traditional values and beliefs that most of us were brought up with. We should appreciate that even more in these days than ever before. 
It’s becoming increasingly difficult for local government and even those who teach our kids every day to do so in a way that doesn’t offend those who push their liberal, immoral agenda farther and farther every chance that get – their agenda being to be offended as much as possible in order to change the way our next generation (our kids) think. If they can’t change our history, they try changing our future through our children assuming we’ll simply allow it to be done under governmental guidelines and directives issued from DC.
I don’t have to agree with our changing laws. For years now, we’ve seen life devalued, marriage redefined, and a host of other things we thought were indisputable. To be sure, I’m limited in what I can do, as you are. As a group, however, “we the people” can stand with our local and state leaders to hold on to what’s left of our value system. That’s how our government was set up and should still be today, despite what some of our “leaders” would tell us. 
Have we been reduced to a society fighting over where we can use the restroom? As crazy as it may seem, when it comes to that agenda being forced on our kids with the ones who teach and protect them at school having their hands tied, then yes…we have become just that.
We know the difference between right and wrong. Which one will we choose?


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