God is God, everyday

As I write this, my dad is in surgery for a heart valve replacement. It’s been upcoming for several weeks. It was not an emergency or a surprise, although a month-and-a-half ago the doctor told him it would need corrected within a month. We’ve all thought and prayed long and hard about it. 
I’ve been asking God to keep him okay before surgery, during surgery, and after surgery. 
God came through.
My dad has been living a normal, uninterrupted life, working in his garage, mowing, and doing all the things he’s always done because, as he said, he has things to do that can’t wait until he’s in brand-new condition again. 
“Your dad’s in surgery”, you say, “so how can you already say that God came through?”
Because He always does…that’s how.
Like I said, dad’s been living a normal, uninterrupted life just like he’s wanted every day since his diagnosis of needing a heart valve replacement. It didn’t slow him down one bit. He’d hate it if it did.
God came through, just like dad wanted and just like I wanted when I asked that he’d be okay before surgery.
God is also coming through, now, even as I write this without being able to see the end of surgery. 
He’s with dad during the procedure right now, and the physicians assistant in the operating room told us just before surgery that the Lord is her strength and she’d be praying over dad during the entire process while she did her job.
God’s coming through right now.
And I know that after surgery, God will have came through. 
How can I be so arrogant? How can I assume God will give me what I asked?
Although many times my life may beg those very questions, this moment is not one of them. 
I know God hears because I’m his and my dad is His and God is faithful. He promises that, “all things work together for good for those who love God and are called according to His purpose.”  
He knows what he we need more than we know for ourselves. He delivers us from circumstances, through circumstances, and yes, sometimes by circumstances. 
Whatever the outcome of whatever circumstance, God always comes through for those who love Him and are called according to His purpose..whether He keeps us from the bad, brings us through the bad, or brings us to Him by the bad.
God’s still God.
I’m still not.


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